Compare Credit Cards in A Super Simple Way

Compare Credit Cards in A Super Simple Way


We here at the Grana Smart website defend the use with wisdom and responsibility of the credit card to have no problems ..

“Credit cards as well as personal loans, you have to take time to make the comparison, even if it is super fast and simple.”

Owning the plastic money is simply fantastic, especially when you use it right and have a credit card suited to your consumption and income. It surely becomes an excellent tool of your financial arsenal.

We here at Little Nell advocate the use with credit card wisdom and responsibility, we know that they are a real benefit to improving credit, budgeting and not passing shame in difficult times.

Compare credit cards worth?

Compare credit cards worth?

It’s worth it! But the basic question is – why use a credit card? Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for products quickly and without paperwork. If used sensibly, they help in controlling and distributing large purchase costs, help earn points, make cash repayments and have such loyalty.

The credit card gives the holder greater consumer protection and even helps in reducing the cost of any debt with up to 40/45 term. In addition to being able to buy installments for up to 12 or more times without interest.

Are there any disadvantages in using a credit card?

Are there any disadvantages in using a credit card?

Of course! If you do not pay your bill in full each month, you are likely to be hit by high interest rates, fines, and delinquencies – these may be so high that there is a risk of debt getting out of control. In addition, the use of credit cards for cash withdrawals can be as expensive as making a loan on the loan sharks.

Stay informed

Stay informed

  • What is the problem with interest-free credit cards?
  • Explore our guide on credit cards – full of relevant information

But how do you know which credit card to choose? With everything from prepaid cards, balance transfer to cashback cards – it can be a little difficult to choose the most suitable for daily personal use and consumer shopping.


From here we list the most common cards to choose one that best suits your current situation …

Shopping Credit Cards

Shopping Credit Cards

  • Very useful for splitting the cost of your purchases and expenses, for example if you are making an expensive purchase
  • Some cards offer interest-free payment periods
  • It has a term of up to 40/45 days to pay the amount at sight or installment
  • You need to pay the invoice on the due date to avoid charging interest

Credit cards for rewards


  • Depending on the type of credit card you choose, you can earn points when shopping, participating in a loyalty program, and even getting discounts on airline tickets
  • Stay tuned for deals and lightning deals and interest rates too
  • You may have to pay the full balance of the invoice every month to access the rewards

Cashback credit cards

Cashback credit cards

  • Lets you earn a percentage of your spending back as a monthly or yearly bonus
  • Some cards refund up to 5% of total purchases
  • It tends to have a higher interest rate and shorter installment periods
  • The balance must be paid in full each month so that it is worth having this card

Credit cards for cash withdrawal

Credit cards for cash withdrawal

If you’re in the red, do not be discouraged! There are options on the card that can help you manage part of your debt and eventually get free from it.

But, remember that credit card loan is a very expensive debt, so take all measures not to use, but if using, try to pay it as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at the potential choices …

Balance Transfer Cards

  • Allowing you to transfer the existing debt to the card, there will usually be a fee to do so
  • The periods for 0% balance transfer can last up to 36 months.
  • Balance must be paid at maturity to avoid paying interest and additional costs

Construction Credit Cards

  • Useful for those with possess a bad credit score or have little credit history
  • Generally they have a high interest rate to compose the risk that it represents for the lender
  • Offers a limited amount of credit that can be extended if you demonstrate that you can repay the balance each month

Prepaid credit cards

  • Deposit money on your prepaid card to have trade credit
  • You can use the card until the balance ends
  • With the prepaid card you do not have to walk with cash
  • There is no credit query to have a prepaid card

Credit card application

Credit card application

Who is denied, when applying for a credit card, the request will certainly be rejected. Having a bad credit history (dirty name) can have a negative impact on your score, which makes it difficult to accept future applications for fast personal loans, banking services and financial products etc.

Those with restrictions on the name may be refused on services such as: mobile phone contracts, cable TV and other consumer services.

It is important to make sure to check your credit score regularly, to eliminate any errors in the report, such as a wrong address, unsubscribed debts, system anomalies to correct them on time.

Smart Comparison


If you want to make a credit card application , do not ask for the first one that appears in front of you, or even what your bank offers you supposedly free. When purchasing a card, choose one that is perfect for your use and has the maximum benefits and benefits.

Did you know..?


  • Abecs reported that the card market increased 12.6% in 2017 against the previous year to R $ 1.360 trillion and, to 2018, the projections are to reach a growth of 15.5% compared to last year, for R $ 1.57 trillion.
  • The number of cards per family has risen from 30% to 32% and that the goal will be to achieve the same numbers in Brazil, comparable to other countries, 65%.

What to consider when choosing a credit card


There are many factors when making the choice of a credit card, so choosing the right type takes a little time and some considerations. First of all you need to decide what you need in card.

Then, before applying for plastic, you should take into account interest rates, annuity fees, the flag, the application criteria and interest-free terms, if any. If you want to use your credit card abroad, choose a card carefully, the costs are very high.

Credit card protection


The Consumer Credit Law protects the consumer from various problems such as purchased items, misuse, theft, loss, etc. So, if you buy an item or service that turns out to be defective, you can get your money back from the retailer or from the credit card company.

When I purchase a card, access the service and ask what protection you have.

Read all …

Read all ...

Well, if you are learning to deal with credit cards, we have a multitude of guides on this subject, from charity to insurance protection cards, as well as store cards, business cards without consultation, etc.

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Remove All Doubts about This Type of Credit




Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the Construcard Caixa Credit Card to make your remodeling and construction the easiest way ..

“The ConstruCard Card is a credit card intended for purchases of building materials. However, this card can be used in purchases at stores accredited with Caixa Econômica Federal. “

After requesting the credit and approving the registration the customer must buy everything they need for 6 months. After this period of purchases, the credit is blocked and the expenses acquired must be paid.

That is, this is an easy and safe way to buy what is needed for the construction and maintenance of your home. We know that building materials are often very expensive. Not infrequently, the value we have in mind regarding the budget ends up not giving to buy everything needed.

Therefore, the Construcard card is interesting to fill this insufficient credit. Want to know more about it? We prepare this text with some information that will help you better understand the ConstruCard’s operation .

Continue reading to learn how to order yours. In addition, you can check some of the main advantages and disadvantages of this mode of credit. Follow us!


How does the Construcard Card work?

  • What can I buy with the Construcard card?
  • Who can apply for the ConstruCard credit card?
  • How to order the ConstruCard Card?
  • Documents required for request
  • Know the advantages of the Construcard card
  • Know the disadvantages of the Construcard card

How does the Construcard Card work?

To get the ConstruCard card you need to first make the request. After this procedure and your registration has been approved, you receive your card at your home.


From the moment of receipt you have 2 to 6 months to use the card limit. During this period it is essential that the consumer makes all purchases necessary for his retirement. Still, it is worth noting that it is only allowed to purchase items in stores agreed with Caixa.

Regarding the purchase and payment months, the ConstruCard card must follow certain specific points. If you choose to make your purchases in 2 months, the first installment will come in the third month. If you choose to make your purchases in 6 months, the first installment will come in the seventh month.

These options will be given to you when you apply for the card, so be sure to check beforehand what is the best option and how you have planned your finances for three and six months.

What can I buy with the Construcard card?

The ConstruCard card credit must be used to purchase building materials, whether raw or finished materials. However, it is essential that these acquisitions are closely linked to the reform and construction procedures.

Materials such as tiles, bricks, floors, cement, lime, coatings in general are some of the materials that can be purchased. It is important to know which stores are in which card can be used. By that time you may have realized that Construcard is like a personal loan with a card.

Who can apply for the ConstruCard credit card?

Who can apply for the ConstruCard credit card?

To apply for the ConstruCard card , the customer must be an individual, have an account at Caixa, and be 18 years of age or older. The second step is to be approved in the cadastral assessments and also in the credit risk assessments with the SPC / SERASA / SCPC databases.

To request the ConstruCard card you do not have to be the owner of the property, it can be rented. The customer must also be a checking account at Caixa Econômica Federal.

The value acquired will vary according to the possibilities of the applicant, and the minimum value is 1 thousand reais. It is through the registration analysis that this value will be made available.

How to order the ConstruCard Card?


To make the request of the card is very simple, just go to a branch of the Federal Savings Bank with the documents in hand and make the request. After registration, the data will be analyzed and also the financial conditions of the applicant.

This cadastral analysis and with credit banks serve to stipulate the amount that can be passed to the applicant, as well as the number of installments and even the interest value of those installments.

Documents required for request

  • Copy of photo ID
  • CPF (Register of Natural Persons
  • Copy of proof of address updated
  • Copy of marriage certificate (for married couple) and birth certificate (for singles)
  • Copy of proof of income of maximum 90 days
  • Copy of the work card
  • Copy of IPTU of the property to be renovated
  • Copy of the Income Tax return
  • Proof of bank handling for the last 90 days
  • Copy of vehicle, home, commercial or land document if any

Know the advantages of the Construcard card

Know the advantages of the Construcard card

Value directed to construction and renovation

Credit cards usually represent an ease in the lives of many people, after all, it is a card with which you can shop and pay a month later.

The problem is that there are many important things to be acquired and not always the limit gives account of all of them. In this sense, the ConstruCard card has an advantage, that is, it can only be spent on goods related to the subject in question, that is, the construction.

Fixed installments for payment on the card

The portions of the credit card are fixed and do not present a large increase of interest if you pay at the correct expiration. In the specific case of the ConstruCard card, you can start paying in 2 or 6 months, depending on the option chosen.

The interest rates will be agreed when making the registration and, in this way, you can prepare for the planned expenses. However, it is important to make the installments fit comfortably on your paycheck.

Also read these subject on cards:
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Choose your credit card without consulting between 12 options

Know the disadvantages of the Construcard card


It is very important that your financial situation is conducive to a loan, after all, are installments that can last for many months and even years. In this way, it is essential that you be prepared to include them in your budget.

Therefore, the payment of the ConstruCard is usually debited directly from the pay stub, in this way, it works as a payroll loan, that is, the invoice amounts are debited on the stipulated expiration date.

Every loan should always be well analyzed and done at the right time. Plan, put your spending at the tip of the pen and think hard about the amount of installments and the amount appropriate to your salary.

That way, make sure you make a list of the materials you need to avoid undue purchases. Our content was able to clarify your doubts? If you need any further information, please contact us and send us your message.

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Open Company Or Start A Business Using Credit Card?


Open company or business using credit card?

  • The costs of starting or creating a business of your own
  • Types of credit cards available in Brazil
  • The Advantages of Starting a Business Using Credit Cards
  • The Disadvantages of Starting a Business and Starting a Business Using Credit Cards
  • Is it possible to use a credit card to start a business?


Open company or business using credit card?


Open company or business using credit card?

With no cash or loans, no commercial financing, no alternative business loans, you may never bring your business to life. So the real questions we had from several readers here at Grana Smart is, ” Is it possible to create a business using a credit card ?”

There are many conventional and alternative routes to finance your business, but most of them have major drawbacks:

Commercial Loan. Having to apply for a small business loan or personal loan to start a business is one of the most common methods among entrepreneurs due to their availability and simplicity to be requested.

However, being stuck at a high interest rate can be stressful, and not everyone has the potential to be approved by a private lender.


Investment Angel. The angel investment relies on finding a rich or very rich investor who is willing to own a stake in your company in exchange for money.

An Angel Investor is generally apt enough to give you the money needed to get things started, on the other hand, you will lose a part of your stake in your company, that is, you will have a partner – so you will lose some of your decision-making power .

Venture Capital. Venture capitalists or venture capitalists function in the same way as angels. You can get a massive cash injection, but you lose part of the control of the company or business organization.

In addition, you will need to go all the way to launch your business, stabilize and expect to be one of the chosen candidates in a selection.

Crowdfunding. This is another form of financing for companies . It is an option that does not require the loss of your autonomy, however, the pursuit of crowdfunding funding is far from a guarantee of success, and you still need some way to partially compensate your investors and sponsors.

So what if you can take on all the business costs with your own money and through your private means or even with friends and family – perfect, otherwise, use credit cards to cover the difference between your own savings and actual expenses to start.

The costs of starting or creating a business of your own


The costs of starting or creating a business of your own

Let’s start by looking at the costs of starting a small business . The average cost of a startup is between R $ 50 and R $ 100,000, but this amount varies uncontrollably, based on many of the following costs:

  • You’ll need somewhere to house the store, whether it’s a formal retail location or an office building to accommodate your products and your employees. You also need to have several hundred or thousands of reais with the rent (unless you start a company in your own home).
  • Ranging from a personal laptop to complete manufacturing equipment, the costs to start a business vary enormously.
  • Business start-up, licensing and fees. Licensing, opening, taxes and accountant usually cost many reals, but may cost more for certain types of segments.
  • Working alone can be inexpensive, but if you have someone on the payroll, you will need to consider those costs.
  • Marketing and advertising. Although some mechanisms for using techniques with the best means for marketing are free, you should still have a dedicated budget for local and national marketing and advertising. Start with little money and increase as interest grows.
  • Starting stock and raw materials. If you are selling physical products, you should have some stock to get you started. Establishing the quantity of products will surely demand many real, if not hundreds to several thousand dollars.
  • Do not forget the first few months of utility costs, including water, electricity and even the Internet.
  • It is almost impossible to start a business without at least a few hours of consulting with accountants, lawyers and other professionals to adjust your business laws and regulations.
  • Hypothetically, you should be able to reduce these collective costs enough to fit directly within the limits of your credit card, assuming at least a few thousand reais per credit card despite being risky.


Types of credit cards available in Brazil

We also need to consider the types of credit cards available.

There are different credit cards based on a few factors:

  • Types of Issuers.
  • Your credit score on Serasa and SPC.
  • If you are requesting them in your own name or on behalf of a company.
  • The kind of rewards and benefits they offer.
  • Its characteristics and limits released.

Your choice of credit card can make a big difference in terms of how much your limit will be, what types of things you can afford to buy, and what deadlines you will be responsible to repay.

Before venturing out, you should do a thorough review of the best available credit cards and decide which ones are best for you to use with your company.


The Advantages of Starting a Business Using Credit Cards


So what are the advantages of following a template using a credit card to start a business or business ?

  • Speed ​​and simplicity. One of the biggest advantages of credit cards is how fast they work, from start to finish. If your credit score is relatively above average, that is, good, you can get approved on credit cards immediately or within a few days to a few weeks. You will have at least a few thousand free dollars to be able to spend while using them to start building your own business. Transactions generally do not need to undergo a verification and approval process. You’ll get what you need almost immediately and you’ll be able to pay for the expenses you find convenient.
  • Credit cards are also extremely flexible, capable of being used for almost any purchase you can imagine. All your purchases are kept in a single record, so you can keep your company’s finances organized, and if you need to change things (by switching to a card with a lower interest rate or a higher limit), you can. There are dozens of different providers of credit cards and virtually limitless card options. So it should not take long to find a perfect card for your company.
  • Talking of perfect settings, credit cards are highly achievable. In addition, the process of finding an angel investor or a venture capitalist who is interested in your project can be long and complex. Getting a loan for business also has significant hurdles that not everyone can overcome. With credit cards, even people have restrictions or low scores, they can be approved on credit cards without consultation with relative ease, making it clear that you are willing to make some sacrifices (like having a higher interest rate).
  • Credit cards also offer greater autonomy. Few credit cards have specific limits on what you can buy, instead they have general limits to the amount in reais that you can purchase. When using a credit card, you do not have to go through any kind of credit analysis. That means you have control at all times.


The Disadvantages of Starting a Business and Starting a Business Using Credit Cards

Of course, there are some drawbacks to consider also when using a business card to open a business:

  • Personal responsibility. You usually can not get a business credit card if your business is not established. It may be easier to use personal credit cards or touch your personal credit to get a line of credit. This means that if your business is unsuccessful, or if you are not generating enough revenue, you can be personally held accountable for everything you bought and owed. If you do not have an emergency fund, this can devastate your financial life.
  • Interest rate of the cards. Credit cards also come with much higher interest rates, sometimes larger than a commercial loan or other lines of financing and lending money. Although rates vary, and you can negotiate lower rates, you can expect to pay the average rate of 10% to 15%, which is especially expensive if you plan to pay thousands of dollars with furniture, utensils and equipment that can not be paid for long months or years.
  • Your credit score. You can damage your name and your credit score. This is especially true if you do not have the resources to pay off on time. And it will make managing your personal finances even more difficult (and you face all the challenges that usually a new business owner faces). If you are unable to pay your credit cards at maturity, or if you delay payments, in addition to multiplying the debt, you will still have the CPF enrolled in Serasa, SPC and SCPC Boa Vista.
  • Long-term payment. Credit cards do not have much room for growth for your company or business in the long run. You can not continue to take on more and more credit cards when you need to buy more products, raw materials or items. Nor take over when the demands of your business begin to expand beyond normal. You will certainly need some other financial system to accommodate this growth. It is worth mentioning that interest payments should eat a very large portion of your monthly income. For this reason, it is usually best to have a viable long-term solution from the start of the business. That is, unless you plan to use credit cards only as a temporary measure.


Is it possible to use a credit card to start a business?


So, is it possible to start a business or start a business using only credit cards? The technical answer is yes, and many entrepreneurs have done it or are trying to do it.

Using a card or more than one to start a business does not mean it will increase personal debt wildly or if form of financing is the right choice for you.

However, credit cards as the primary mode of financing are the best alternatives for people who do not like other financing options.

In general, small business owners who are willing to take a significant personal risk, use the credit card as a means of financing to advance the business of their companies.

For people who are opening low cost startups who want to get things done as fast as possible.

For all other entrepreneurs who do not have enough money to open and start their business, credit cards are the best emergency option to complement your start-up expenses and financing.

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Payday loan without pay online, fast and without guarantees

Let’s find out what is the so-called mini payday loan and what is the amount of money that can be requested through this form of financing.

All the features of the payday loan, starting from the required requirements and how you can receive them without a paycheck . Finally how to apply for the fast payday loan online.

What is a payday loan?

If you are looking for a loan, you will surely have noticed the enormous amount of products offered by banks and financial institutions. Just do a quick search on the internet to find many more or less interesting solutions based on what are the needs of the customer. Among these we find the mini fast loan , which is a form of financing aimed at a rather large clientele. As you can guess from the name of the product it is a financing option that allows us to have access to a rather small amount of money. One might think that for this reason they do not have much use, however the frequency of requests for payday loan in Italy is always higher, and this is probably one of the consequences of the economic crisis and the difficulty in finding a stable job.

The payday loan is the ideal solution for all those who need a small amount of money to deal with unexpected expenses. This is the case, for example, of the expense for the dentist or for other medical treatments, but also for example the expense for the mechanic following a car breakdown. At the same time you can choose the mini fast loan if you want to make a trip for which you do not have immediately available all the money and then you prefer to pay in installments. So this is a non-finalized loan , perfect for various needs, united by the fact that it provides for a not excessively high expense. When we talk about payday loan usually the sum of money that we can request goes from a loan from 500 euros up to a maximum of 1,500 euros, although in some cases the maximum threshold is higher and reaches up to 3,000 euros .

The main feature of payday loan is therefore the sum of money that can be paid. From this characteristic derive then different advantages, that surely have favored its diffusion. As you can easily imagine, for a credit institution, the provision of the payday loan is a minimal risk . This lower risk turns into a greater ease of granting the loan. This does not mean that the payday loan is given to anyone without distinction, but there are certainly fewer restrictions than funding for higher amounts of money. For this reason, even those who are not employees and therefore without a paycheck have the possibility to receive the small loan they are interested in, as well as those who do not have special capital guarantees. A further advantage that derives from the fact that the loan request refers to a rather low sum of money concerns the delivery times. The payday loan is in fact the fastest financing ever , as in many cases it even provides for immediate disbursement. For this reason, as we have already said, this is the ideal solution for those who would face an unexpected expense for which a loan of 1000 euros may be sufficient.

Payday loan without pay and without guarantees: how to request it

We have seen what are the main features of the payday loan. One of the advantages related to the fact that the sum of money we are going to request is rather low regards the less restrictive constraints imposed by the banks. In this sense we often talk about payday loan without guarantees , but is this really possible? Obviously there is no credit institution willing to grant a loan without the applicant presenting any guarantee, simply because it would be too high a risk for the company and unjustified considering the huge request for financing. So it is good to make a clarification in this sense and we must be careful who promises financing without any guarantee. The guarantees to which we refer when payday loan are advertised, as well as other forms of financing, are, for example, patrimonial guarantees , such as the possession of a property, or the presentation of a guarantor , ie a person who guarantees in our place and take charge of any monthly unpaid installments from us.

The payday loan for employees and pensioners is the simplest example of unsecured financing. In the event that the client has the opportunity to demonstrate to the bank that he has an insured monthly income, which may be a salary or a pension, then he will have access to the loan even without further guarantees . Not only that: in most cases payday loan for employees and pensioners are also offered to bad payers . As for the payday loan without paychecks , even in this case the major companies offer the possibility to request them online without too much trouble. In particular, this form of loan is aimed at self-employed workers such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, artisans and so on. As you probably already know if you belong to this category of customers, it is not always easy to receive a loan without a paycheck. In the case of payday loan, we are still offered an excellent opportunity.

If you are self-employed, therefore without a paycheck, you can receive the small loan you need even without guarantees, presenting the last tax return . It should be emphasized that this option is also provided in some cases for personal loans of higher amounts of money. Unfortunately, at the time of the request problems often arise, as the earnings of a self-employed are not constant over time as those of an employee, and therefore if the request is too high this will not be accepted. This type of problem does not arise in the case of payday loan, as the monthly installments are very low and therefore even those who do not have particularly high earnings will be entitled to receive the desired loan. As for the unemployed job seekers who are interested in a payday loan without paychecks, in this case the situation will obviously be more complicated. Some banks as we offer their customers the opportunity to receive the loan through the presentation of a guarantor, and therefore this may be the ideal solution if for example we have a relative or a friend willing to take this responsibility.



How to Apply for Credits and Loans for Engineers Online

With that you can obtain financial solutions specially made for you, which you can return in comfortable monthly installments with no fees for partial amortization or cancellation.

It is a cooperative credit and savings company with more than 150,000 members currently participating in this model of personal, commercial and institutional banking.

The company in Spanish territory has the vocation to provide service specifically to professionals, whether engineers or workers of other professions.

This company was established 50 years ago, and since then its cooperative model has been maintained as the basis of its performance, in this way it can be said that it is a socially rooted entity without becoming a political subject served by its corporate purpose. C

We understands that financial services should generate a shared value between partners and society, so that society can be built and improved jointly by all.

These are some of the bases in the performance, mission and objectives of the company. Its main beliefs are the common good and cooperative social responsibility, on these beliefs its financial model acts.



A financial solutions company with good objectives, beliefs and missions, which guide clients and the company to improve society as a whole by providing credit, savings and other financial advantages that support the construction of society and fulfill these objectives. But, why should you open an account?

Next, we will review what are the advantages that this company has over the other credit entities that exist in the market.

Some of the different advantages offered by this company are: a current account with no commissions, the ability to make national transfers without any cost, offer free cards, office hours from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and more than 8,000 ATMs. your disposition around the whole country.

A cooperative entity that offers loans in which the partner is at the same time client and owner of the entity, therefore, the benefits obtained by the entity are directly reverted to it, making it possible to obtain numerous additional advantages.

These advantages are those mentioned above, in addition to other advantages such as direct debit of payroll, bonus of direct debits, mortgage without land clause, flexible savings products adapted to your needs, discounts on purchases of Ingenium Shopping, and online banking , mobile banking and telephone banking to offer personalized service and complete attention at all times.

The main characteristics

The main characteristics 

Seeks mainly that clients enjoy as many advantages as possible, feel ownership of their investment and obtain benefits when being financed.

Following these objectives, offers a wide variety of services and products to its clients, among the main credit financing services and personal loans we find mortgage loans, personal loans and business financing.

You can also find advisory services for many aspects of financing, savings and investment; Some of the advisory topics are in investments, insurance, financial and patrimonial, retirement and social security, and business financing.

Other banking services that you can find at the time of opening an account are investment funds, savings, deposits, pension plans, among others. You can also obtain a wide variety of insurance for auto, home, health insurance, life insurance, death insurance, professional and business insurance, among others.

The clients that seeks mainly are all professionals, whether engineers or other professions. Giving access to young people, families and businesses to all the banking services offered by this company with great missions and social growth objectives.

Types of loans and credits

Types of loans and credits 

You can find five different types of loans, each one specifically directed towards the needs and possibilities of the different clients that come to the company, allowing them an efficient and comfortable financing.

Next, we will review all types of loans available in this company, along with their respective characteristics, advantages and benefits for each of the different financing cases.

ECO Loan: With this type of loan you can have a maximum amount of up to € 30,000 to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. If you are looking to invest in energy efficiency for your business specifically, a good option is to get the ECO loan for professionals, a variation of this loan aimed especially at companies with which you can get up to € 120,000.

The repayment term can be up to 5 years, the fixed interest rate is 3.90% (TIN), opening fee of 0.50% (minimum of € 100), partial or total depreciation commission of 1, 00%

The requirements to apply for this type of loan is the direct debit of your payroll, minimum three receipts and a credit card which is free with a minimum consumption of € 1,000 per year, during the term of the loan.

Payroll Loan: The loan with your direct debit from your payroll will allow you to obtain the best personal loan conditions with low interest rate, comfortable monthly installments, a repayment term of up to 10 years, maximum amount of up to 60,000 € without commission for early repayment and neither for cancellation.

Interest rate from 5.66% (fixed), opening commission from € 0.50 (minimum of € 100). The additional costs may be the notarial intervention that can cost approximately 0.30% of the loan amount.

Loan consumption: With this loan you can get the extra help you need to get what you want, in an easy and comfortable way.

You can use this loan for a variety of purposes, such as: reforms to your home or business, buying a vehicle, expenses for your trip, and other needs or tastes with which you need extra money.

The characteristics of this loan is a low interest rate with comfortable monthly installments and with repayment terms of up to 5 years, a maximum amount of up to € 40,000 without a commission for early repayment or cancellation.

The minimum amount is € 3,000, fixed interest rate from 6.25% and opening fee from 0.50% (minimum € 100). Additional expenses may include notarial intervention that may cost approximately 0.30% of the loan amount.

If you direct your payroll, pension or professional income (minimum 3 receipts and also an active credit card) you can get extra benefits on your loan such as: payment insurance protection, and also a life insurance that can cover the amount total of the loan, or even an amount greater than the loan. In case the loan has the purpose of acquiring a vehicle and if you contract insurance with Caja Ingenieros you can get a bonus on the interest rate of the loan.

The requirements to apply for the consumer loan are the following:

  • NIF / DNI / NIE
  • IRPF and patrimony declaration of the last year
  • Certificate of income company and the withholdings of the last year
  • Work life report provided by the General Treasury of the Social Security
  • Salary sheet for the last three months
  • Last receipt of the loan in other financial institutions
  • Domiciliation of the owner’s payroll
  • Justification of the investment that must be financed
  • Payment of the IRPF and the VAT of the current year (in case of being a self-employed worker)
  • Proof of being up-to-date with the IAE payment (in the case of being a self-employed worker)

Loan studies: As a member you have access to loan financing studies, the characteristics of the loan vary depending on the amount of amount required for the loan. The amount varies from € 2,000 to € 50,000.

If a loan is requested with less than € 6,000, there is no commission for cancellation or early amortization, nor for study. The return period can be up to 10 months, 0% interest rate and 50 euros opening fee.

A loan with an amount greater than € 6,000 but less than € 15,000 will also not incur a commission for cancellation or early repayment, the repayment term can be up to 7 years, interest rate at 4.25% and opening commission of 1% (minimum 50 euros).

And the last loan that can have an amount greater than € 15,000 but less than € 50,000 has no commission for cancellation or early repayment, the repayment term is up to 7 years with the possibility of 2 years of capital shortage, interest rate to 4.25 and opening commission of 1% (minimum of 50 euros).

The requirements to apply for any of these loans are: be over 18 years old, prove a level of income or incorporate as a co-owner a person who can prove sufficient income for the risk assessment, and not have the RAI / ASNEF or any other public record of delinquency.

The necessary documentation to process it is the copy of the DNI O NIE, the last two payrolls, IRPF declaration and a proof of registration of the course to be carried out.

Investment Loan: With an investment loan you can make all your investor dreams come true, with a low interest rate, comfortable monthly payments for up to 10 years and a maximum amount of up to € 100,000, this type of loan is an excellent option for People who are looking to invest in a business or any other type of investment.

The main characteristics of this type of loan are a fixed interest rate from 6.65%, opening commission from 0.50% (minimum of 100 euros), maximum amount of € 100,000 and repayment term of up to 10 years. There is no commission for amortization or cancellation.

As in other loans you can get bonuses when you pay your payroll, such as: life insurance and payment protection insurance.

The requirements to apply for this type of loan are the following

The requirements to apply for this type of loan are the following

  • NIE / DNI / NIF
  • IRPF and patrimony declaration of the last year
  • Company certificate of income and withholdings of the last year
  • Salary sheet for the last three months
  • Work life report provided by the General Treasury of the Social Security
  • Last receipt of the loan in other financial institutions

How to apply for credits and loans Online

How to apply for credits and loans Caja de Ingenieros Online

To apply for a Caja Ingenieros loan, you just have to enter the official website, choose the loan you wish to apply for and fill out a simple form that will be sent directly to the company. They will contact you briefly to provide you with all the information you need to follow the loan application process.

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