The Merratu mini loan is for people who need a small loan quickly and easily. As a new customer, you can apply for loan amounts between 50 and 600 USD. If you are already an existing customer, small loans can be taken up to a maximum amount of 1,500 USD. Additional costs are incurred for various optional services. If you want to save costs, a mini loan comparison can help you find the right short-term loan.

Get money transferred to your checking account today

Get money transferred to your checking account today

It can quickly become financially tight at the end of the month. Especially when an unexpected expensive washing machine repair or suddenly the electricity bill turns out to be higher than expected. Actually there are still a few days, then the money comes from the employer or another institution. You could overdraw the account and then pay high interest for a overdraft facility.

If relatives or friends can no longer help, a so-called mini loan or small loan with a small loan amount and a short term is an alternative. If it has to be particularly quick, it is quite possible to get money transferred to your checking account today. If you book the option of the bank transfer for a fee, the money can be in your account after a few hours.

Merratu mini loan despite negative credit bureau information

Merratu mini loan despite negative SCHUFA information

People who do not have a regular or low income can also get a loan from Merratu. When applying for the first time, creditworthiness is checked by credit agencies. If an additional mini loan is applied for after the first loan has been paid off, only an internal risk assessment is carried out. If there is a negative credit bureau entry, credit can still be granted because the individual scoring is decisive for the award.

In order to accurately calculate the fees and loan interest on your loan, Merratu has a loan calculator on its website. Trainees, students and the self-employed also have a high chance of getting a mini loan from Merratu. Your credit request will not be reported to credit bureau.

Apply for a Merratu mini loan

Apply for a Merratu mini loan

And so you can quickly get the much needed money at Merratu.

  1. Select loan amount
  2. choose additional options
  3. Perform identification
  4. Signed loan application

The mini loan is available with short terms of between one week and 45 days. There are no upfront costs or processing fees. Proof of income is not required. It can take up to 15 days for the money to reach your account. If you choose the paid UperService, the tansfair money only takes 24 hours. Existing customers can apply for a significantly higher loan amount online at lightning speed. The quick processing and processing of the application is particularly attractive for customers with smaller money requirements.

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