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We here at the Grana Smart website defend the use with wisdom and responsibility of the credit card to have no problems ..

“Credit cards as well as personal loans, you have to take time to make the comparison, even if it is super fast and simple.”

Owning the plastic money is simply fantastic, especially when you use it right and have a credit card suited to your consumption and income. It surely becomes an excellent tool of your financial arsenal.

We here at Little Nell advocate the use with credit card wisdom and responsibility, we know that they are a real benefit to improving credit, budgeting and not passing shame in difficult times.

Compare credit cards worth?

Compare credit cards worth?

It’s worth it! But the basic question is – why use a credit card? Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for products quickly and without paperwork. If used sensibly, they help in controlling and distributing large purchase costs, help earn points, make cash repayments and have such loyalty.

The credit card gives the holder greater consumer protection and even helps in reducing the cost of any debt with up to 40/45 term. In addition to being able to buy installments for up to 12 or more times without interest.

Are there any disadvantages in using a credit card?

Are there any disadvantages in using a credit card?

Of course! If you do not pay your bill in full each month, you are likely to be hit by high interest rates, fines, and delinquencies – these may be so high that there is a risk of debt getting out of control. In addition, the use of credit cards for cash withdrawals can be as expensive as making a loan on the loan sharks.

Stay informed

Stay informed

  • What is the problem with interest-free credit cards?
  • Explore our guide on credit cards – full of relevant information

But how do you know which credit card to choose? With everything from prepaid cards, balance transfer to cashback cards – it can be a little difficult to choose the most suitable for daily personal use and consumer shopping.


From here we list the most common cards to choose one that best suits your current situation …

Shopping Credit Cards

Shopping Credit Cards

  • Very useful for splitting the cost of your purchases and expenses, for example if you are making an expensive purchase
  • Some cards offer interest-free payment periods
  • It has a term of up to 40/45 days to pay the amount at sight or installment
  • You need to pay the invoice on the due date to avoid charging interest

Credit cards for rewards


  • Depending on the type of credit card you choose, you can earn points when shopping, participating in a loyalty program, and even getting discounts on airline tickets
  • Stay tuned for deals and lightning deals and interest rates too
  • You may have to pay the full balance of the invoice every month to access the rewards

Cashback credit cards

Cashback credit cards

  • Lets you earn a percentage of your spending back as a monthly or yearly bonus
  • Some cards refund up to 5% of total purchases
  • It tends to have a higher interest rate and shorter installment periods
  • The balance must be paid in full each month so that it is worth having this card

Credit cards for cash withdrawal

Credit cards for cash withdrawal

If you’re in the red, do not be discouraged! There are options on the card that can help you manage part of your debt and eventually get free from it.

But, remember that credit card loan is a very expensive debt, so take all measures not to use, but if using, try to pay it as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at the potential choices …

Balance Transfer Cards

  • Allowing you to transfer the existing debt to the card, there will usually be a fee to do so
  • The periods for 0% balance transfer can last up to 36 months.
  • Balance must be paid at maturity to avoid paying interest and additional costs

Construction Credit Cards

  • Useful for those with possess a bad credit score or have little credit history
  • Generally they have a high interest rate to compose the risk that it represents for the lender
  • Offers a limited amount of credit that can be extended if you demonstrate that you can repay the balance each month

Prepaid credit cards

  • Deposit money on your prepaid card to have trade credit
  • You can use the card until the balance ends
  • With the prepaid card you do not have to walk with cash
  • There is no credit query to have a prepaid card

Credit card application

Credit card application

Who is denied, when applying for a credit card, the request will certainly be rejected. Having a bad credit history (dirty name) can have a negative impact on your score, which makes it difficult to accept future applications for fast personal loans, banking services and financial products etc.

Those with restrictions on the name may be refused on services such as: mobile phone contracts, cable TV and other consumer services.

It is important to make sure to check your credit score regularly, to eliminate any errors in the report, such as a wrong address, unsubscribed debts, system anomalies to correct them on time.

Smart Comparison


If you want to make a credit card application , do not ask for the first one that appears in front of you, or even what your bank offers you supposedly free. When purchasing a card, choose one that is perfect for your use and has the maximum benefits and benefits.

Did you know..?


  • Abecs reported that the card market increased 12.6% in 2017 against the previous year to R $ 1.360 trillion and, to 2018, the projections are to reach a growth of 15.5% compared to last year, for R $ 1.57 trillion.
  • The number of cards per family has risen from 30% to 32% and that the goal will be to achieve the same numbers in Brazil, comparable to other countries, 65%.

What to consider when choosing a credit card


There are many factors when making the choice of a credit card, so choosing the right type takes a little time and some considerations. First of all you need to decide what you need in card.

Then, before applying for plastic, you should take into account interest rates, annuity fees, the flag, the application criteria and interest-free terms, if any. If you want to use your credit card abroad, choose a card carefully, the costs are very high.

Credit card protection


The Consumer Credit Law protects the consumer from various problems such as purchased items, misuse, theft, loss, etc. So, if you buy an item or service that turns out to be defective, you can get your money back from the retailer or from the credit card company.

When I purchase a card, access the service and ask what protection you have.

Read all …

Read all ...

Well, if you are learning to deal with credit cards, we have a multitude of guides on this subject, from charity to insurance protection cards, as well as store cards, business cards without consultation, etc.

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