Especially as a pensioner, you would like to fulfill one or the other wish or the house urgently needs to be renovated. If you have not saved enough as a pensioner, all you have to do is go to the bank or to private donors to take out a pensioner loan.

Also for the realization of the wishes and plans of older people, there are lenders who can fulfill your financing wishes.

You can find cheap pensioner loans from various providers. With an online loan, you not only save yourself the way to your bank, but also lengthy discussions with financial advisors.

Senior loan provider

Senior loan provider

Loans for pensioners and senior citizens are usually very difficult or impossible to obtain from conventional credit institutions. For traditional banks, retirees have a higher risk of default than younger fixed income borrowers.

For this reason, financial institutions reject loan applications from pensioners. But there are reputable credit intermediaries who offer special loans for pensioners. Even a negative credit bureau information is no obstacle for these providers.

Loan for pensioners with low pension

Since pensioners have a secure income and usually have little or no entries in the credit bureau register or other credit agencies, chances are good to get a good loan offer.

Additional guarantees such as a guarantee or mortgage can increase the chance of approval.

Loans for retirees with no age limit

Loans for retirees with no age limit

Credit-mono is a reputable credit agency that also provides loans to pensioners. With over forty years of experience in the credit business, Bon Kredit is one of the cornerstones. This financial service provider provides pensioners and senior citizens with no age restrictions.

Pensioners can get cheap loans between 4.90% and 16.90% APR for all kinds of financing. The interest rate is fixed for the entire term. The contract term for your loan is between 12 and 120 months.

A loan for pensioners is also possible in difficult cases (loan without credit bureau).

Net loan amount for your pensioner loan of 1,000 – 100,000 USD possible!
A negative credit bureau entry is usually not a problem with receipt credit.

Loans for retirees with immediate approval

Loans for retirees with immediate approval
















If you have not saved up enough assets as a pensioner and you have to overcome a financial bottleneck, then often you only have to take out a loan.

A sufficient pension, a good credit rating and additional collateral such as real estate or capital investments increase the chances of a pensioner loan. Before applying, however, you should check carefully whether you can also pay the monthly installments.

A list of expenses and income can be very useful for this. A residual debt insurance can also serve as additional protection. Securing through third parties by a second applicant or guarantor is also possible.

If you want a quick payment, you can apply for the pensioner loan as an instant loan. The borrowed money can be used for free use.

Credit request without advance costs with immediate approval

Credit request without advance costs with immediate approval

Start your free credit inquiry, your credit inquiry will be processed immediately! If the credit check is successful, you will receive a written credit offer within one day by post or email. With your credit request, you are not committed to anything.

What happens if I don’t want to accept the loan offer?

If no loan can be offered or if you don’t want to accept the offer, don’t pay a cent.

General requirements for a credit with credit

  • Age: legal age, otherwise no age restriction
  • Resident in Germany
  • regular income (employees, civil servants, pensioners, self-employed)

This loan offer is free of charge and non-binding for you.
You can receive the money either by bank transfer, cash credit or postal order.

Representative example: Debit interest rate of 6.76% fixed for the entire term, effective annual interest rate: 9.95%, net loan amount: USD 10,000, contract term: 72 months.

Alternative to the classic installment loan for pensioners

Alternative to the classic installment loan for pensioners

Seniors who urgently need money can also borrow the money online from private individuals. It is not banks but private individuals who grant loans to pensioners.

Loan for pensioners without a bank

To borrow money from private people as a pensioner, contact reputable private lenders without a bank. The private lenders can be found on specially set up platforms.

So you can take out a loan for pensioners without a bank and private moneylenders benefit from attractive interest rates.

To get a loan from a private person, sign up for free on such a credit exchange. You describe your loan request in this portal. You will be guided step-by-step to successfully complete the registration.

In order for your project to be financed, your application will be presented to potential private investors. Then several investors offer smaller amounts until the funding amount has been reached.

If there are sufficient donors and the desired amount has been reached, a quick payment will be made to your specified account.

Where can I get a private loan without a bank as a pensioner?

Where can I get a private loan without a bank as a pensioner?

Over 60 financing or pensioner loans are available not only from traditional financial institutions, but also from private individuals. German pensioners are interested in two platforms for taking out private loans.

As already mentioned, the borrower receives a loan from private individuals in such a P2P credit marketplace.

In order to easily get a loan for senior citizens, the applicant’s creditworthiness is crucial. In addition, the creditworthiness also determines the conditions.

Non-binding loan offers from private individuals and banks from Credlend

The one platform for private loans is Credlend. On this platform you can make a condition request free of charge and without obligation using the loan calculator. This request has no effect on the credit score at a credit agency such as credit bureau. (credit bureau-neutral request)

If you are planning renovation measures on the house, want to reschedule or take a long-distance trip, these financial companies have good credit opportunities.

Credlend credit expiry

creditend credit expiry

If you have applied for an online loan with immediate approval from Credlend and meet all the requirements, you can look forward to receiving your desired amount within the next 48 hours.

In order to receive an immediate payment to the account, you must upload the required documents online as quickly as possible.

You can quickly and easily be identified online using the PostIdent identification procedure or the VideoIdent procedure.

Ideally, a loan payment is still possible today, if you make an application in the morning and use the VideoIdent procedure, you can have the loan amount in your account the same evening.

With just a single online application, loan seekers receive offers from many major providers. If you are specifically looking for a loan from private individuals, then you should look for the Credlend financial product ” credit- private”. Then the money is made available by private donors.

In the case of private loans among private individuals, Credlend only acts as an intermediary.

Credlend senior loans with no age limit

creditend senior loans with no age limit

At Credlend, between 500 and 120,000 USD can be requested online. There are loans for retirees with no age limit. If all conditions are correct and your creditworthiness is met, you will receive an instant confirmation and loan offers by email.

The Credlend credit comparison is neutral, free of charge and non-binding.

Due to the quick processing and settlement, even older people quickly get the capital they need.