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Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the Construcard Caixa Credit Card to make your remodeling and construction the easiest way ..

“The ConstruCard Card is a credit card intended for purchases of building materials. However, this card can be used in purchases at stores accredited with Caixa Econômica Federal. “

After requesting the credit and approving the registration the customer must buy everything they need for 6 months. After this period of purchases, the credit is blocked and the expenses acquired must be paid.

That is, this is an easy and safe way to buy what is needed for the construction and maintenance of your home. We know that building materials are often very expensive. Not infrequently, the value we have in mind regarding the budget ends up not giving to buy everything needed.

Therefore, the Construcard card is interesting to fill this insufficient credit. Want to know more about it? We prepare this text with some information that will help you better understand the ConstruCard’s operation .

Continue reading to learn how to order yours. In addition, you can check some of the main advantages and disadvantages of this mode of credit. Follow us!


How does the Construcard Card work?

  • What can I buy with the Construcard card?
  • Who can apply for the ConstruCard credit card?
  • How to order the ConstruCard Card?
  • Documents required for request
  • Know the advantages of the Construcard card
  • Know the disadvantages of the Construcard card

How does the Construcard Card work?

To get the ConstruCard card you need to first make the request. After this procedure and your registration has been approved, you receive your card at your home.


From the moment of receipt you have 2 to 6 months to use the card limit. During this period it is essential that the consumer makes all purchases necessary for his retirement. Still, it is worth noting that it is only allowed to purchase items in stores agreed with Caixa.

Regarding the purchase and payment months, the ConstruCard card must follow certain specific points. If you choose to make your purchases in 2 months, the first installment will come in the third month. If you choose to make your purchases in 6 months, the first installment will come in the seventh month.

These options will be given to you when you apply for the card, so be sure to check beforehand what is the best option and how you have planned your finances for three and six months.

What can I buy with the Construcard card?

The ConstruCard card credit must be used to purchase building materials, whether raw or finished materials. However, it is essential that these acquisitions are closely linked to the reform and construction procedures.

Materials such as tiles, bricks, floors, cement, lime, coatings in general are some of the materials that can be purchased. It is important to know which stores are in which card can be used. By that time you may have realized that Construcard is like a personal loan with a card.

Who can apply for the ConstruCard credit card?

Who can apply for the ConstruCard credit card?

To apply for the ConstruCard card , the customer must be an individual, have an account at Caixa, and be 18 years of age or older. The second step is to be approved in the cadastral assessments and also in the credit risk assessments with the SPC / SERASA / SCPC databases.

To request the ConstruCard card you do not have to be the owner of the property, it can be rented. The customer must also be a checking account at Caixa Econômica Federal.

The value acquired will vary according to the possibilities of the applicant, and the minimum value is 1 thousand reais. It is through the registration analysis that this value will be made available.

How to order the ConstruCard Card?


To make the request of the card is very simple, just go to a branch of the Federal Savings Bank with the documents in hand and make the request. After registration, the data will be analyzed and also the financial conditions of the applicant.

This cadastral analysis and with credit banks serve to stipulate the amount that can be passed to the applicant, as well as the number of installments and even the interest value of those installments.

Documents required for request

  • Copy of photo ID
  • CPF (Register of Natural Persons
  • Copy of proof of address updated
  • Copy of marriage certificate (for married couple) and birth certificate (for singles)
  • Copy of proof of income of maximum 90 days
  • Copy of the work card
  • Copy of IPTU of the property to be renovated
  • Copy of the Income Tax return
  • Proof of bank handling for the last 90 days
  • Copy of vehicle, home, commercial or land document if any

Know the advantages of the Construcard card

Know the advantages of the Construcard card

Value directed to construction and renovation

Credit cards usually represent an ease in the lives of many people, after all, it is a card with which you can shop and pay a month later.

The problem is that there are many important things to be acquired and not always the limit gives account of all of them. In this sense, the ConstruCard card has an advantage, that is, it can only be spent on goods related to the subject in question, that is, the construction.

Fixed installments for payment on the card

The portions of the credit card are fixed and do not present a large increase of interest if you pay at the correct expiration. In the specific case of the ConstruCard card, you can start paying in 2 or 6 months, depending on the option chosen.

The interest rates will be agreed when making the registration and, in this way, you can prepare for the planned expenses. However, it is important to make the installments fit comfortably on your paycheck.

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Know the disadvantages of the Construcard card


It is very important that your financial situation is conducive to a loan, after all, are installments that can last for many months and even years. In this way, it is essential that you be prepared to include them in your budget.

Therefore, the payment of the ConstruCard is usually debited directly from the pay stub, in this way, it works as a payroll loan, that is, the invoice amounts are debited on the stipulated expiration date.

Every loan should always be well analyzed and done at the right time. Plan, put your spending at the tip of the pen and think hard about the amount of installments and the amount appropriate to your salary.

That way, make sure you make a list of the materials you need to avoid undue purchases. Our content was able to clarify your doubts? If you need any further information, please contact us and send us your message.

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