We offer non-bank financing of companies and individuals, farmers. We pay out loans in the amount from PLN 10,000 to PLN 50,000 for collateral on a car, as well as from PLN 50,000 to PLN 1,000,000 for collateral on a flat or house.

The borrower can co-finance his venture or get rid of debt resulting from compulsory payments at the Social Insurance Institution or the Tax Office.

You can get loans against collateral without financial standing

You can get loans against collateral without financial standing

Non-bank loans secured with real estate are directed to persons and companies that have taken out in a difficult financial situation. Loan for increasing the value – a loan against houses and houses most often for sale, the funds can be used to refresh the property and renovate.

To get a non-bank loan under a mortgage, all you have to do is apply through the application below, the data and documents provided in this way will allow our company to verify your application, take a loan within 48 hours of receiving the documents.

Our specialists carry out debt relief activities at the bottom of the mortgage as soon as they send the basic documents related to the property: several photos, a notarial deed or appraisal report. The loan schedule, which presents the repayment plan and the costs that make up the entire loan, is also submitted to the customer before the contract is signed.

When granting credit against Good Finance real estate

When granting credit against Good Finance real estate

We do not check BIK, KRD databases, we do not require income certificates, which is why every company and unit, even in debt, can benefit from a personal loan against Poznan mortgage.

Private loans underneath, a pledge of flats in Warsaw with no land and mortgage register and those currently open for sale, when a buyer is found, and a collateral for an apartment under construction, as well as development investments.

We operate throughout the entire Local and finance all sectors of the economy, irrespective of the length of activity, regardless of BIK, history and creditworthiness, as well as other bank-specific criteria.

If you require a private loan and have immovable property, we will definitely support you. I consent to the processing of my data and related entities. They need expenditure on finishing and increasing the value of the property for sale.

Transfer of ownership to security – loan for a security deposit


Each of our recipients who applies for a loan is obliged to send basic information for the benefit of their income with the help of the loan application.

Your own mortgage loan seems to be no more expensive than a bank loan, because we are dealing with increased credit risk, but also available to almost every person.

Debt for the indebted – a special offer of a private loan secured by real estate, in particular thanks to the recovery of the bankruptcy estate since the trustee.